Episode 10

Alaska Airlines Advancing Accessibility and Disability Inclusion


May 13th, 2021

40 mins 44 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Alaska Airlines is known for their industry-leading reliability, service and guest rewards, and is also a leader in welcoming disability inclusion and accessibility. Find out more about the airline's inclusion innovations with episode guests Ray Prentice, Director Customer Advocacy; Amanda Matlock, Principle Product Designer; Phoebe Larner, Senior UX Researcher; and Ryan Wilson, Senior Product Designer.

We'll dive into how ingenuity, innovation and passion led to the development of the groundbreaking Fly For All app, the airline's commitment to staff training, and how accessibility is being woven throughout the customer experience journey. Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest U.S. airline based on passenger traffic and is one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers and serves several transcontinental U.S. East Coast routes and also expanded internationally, with service to Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico.

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